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Organic Cotton - Lule Design


Organic Cotton or Conventional Cotton?
What are the real differences and why you should choose Organic Cotton

Conventional Cotton:

- The items of clothing labelled "100% Cotton" that you usually buy are actually composed of 74% cotton and 25% resins, dyes and various chemical treatments.

- 25% of pesticides used around the world are used to grow conventional cotton. Scary, but true.

- In order to cultivate the high quantity of cotton required by the textile industry, intensive plantations are created which deplete the soil.

- All the waste obtained from the processing of conventional cotton is poured into the environment without any inspections and controls.

- For dying, finishing and storage the following are used:
heavy metals, pesticides and formaldehyde.

- Very often the person who makes the garments is underpaid or is a minor and they work in poor working conditions.
Organic Cotton:

- Organic Cotton is certified by Global Control Bodies.
- It is grown without the use of pesticides and without depleting the soil with intensive plantations.

- Waste produced by the textile industry is not spilled into the environment but is processed by specialized companies.

- For the whitening or colouring of Organic Cotton, no chemical agents or heavy metals or resins for finishing are used.
And most importantly, formaldehyde is not used to preserve fabrics.

- People employed in the production and processing of fabrics work in sustainable conditions, and above all, children are not used.
Why choose Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton costs about 30% more than conventional cotton, but I think it's worth it.

The skin is the largest organ of our body and it is very porous, therefore all the chemical agents from conventional fabrics pass directly into our body.
Thus dermatitis and skin disorders can appear, especially on sensitive baby skin.

"For example: think of patches containing pain-relieving chemical agents or nicotine that are absorbed directly by the skin."

So taking care of our baby's skin has never been as important as it is today,
​​​​​​​and also contributing to respecting nature and people.

This is why I thought of the Lule Design Birth Kit Gift that can be customised according to your needs.
You can choose the clothes you want in the Birth Kit section to have everything you need for the first days in hospital with your baby.

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