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About us

My project, Lule Design, takes shape in a small workshop in Oderzo in the province of Treviso.
The clothes are designed and made by hand, this can be certified by the presence of small irregularities that make each piece unique.


​​Fashion trends and my creativity dictate the choice of fabrics used. I mostly use certified organic fabrics, produced in sustainable ways.
The prints are specially made with natural dyes that do not contain heavy metals.

The project started from the idea to ​​preserve an ancient family tradition: at the end of the nineteenth century my great-grandmother, Caterina Frascino, made yarns and woven fabrics for bridal trousseaus and layettes.
This tradition has been passed down over the years from mother to daughter all the way up to me.

Il Telaio di Antonio Bellusci
"Il Telaio" by Antonio Bellusci is a book that tells the story of the women of our family

As a girl I attended a sewing course, but the passion for travel at the time had the best of me and I started a career in the tourism sector and I let myself be transported by images, countries, people, places: in all that time I collected and preserved emotions, memories and feelings that I now pour into my creations.
Slowly over the years the family tradition made its way inside me until it was awoken; today it guides me day after day in my work on Lule Design.

libri di famiglia Giuseppina Miraglia
Giuseppina Miraglia family books
These three years have been full of satisfactions: I presented my creations throughout the Veneto region and met many people who appreciated, supported and encouraged me in carrying out my project regarding the preservation and promotion of handcrafts.

Giuseppina Miraglia​​​​​​​
My work fills me with joy as it allows me to see into the future every time I meet a child for whom I am very happy to hand-make designer clothes in natural fabrics.

Giuseppina Miraglia